Washed Up Emo

#146 - Steve Schiltz (Longwave)

February 11, 2019 Episode 146
Washed Up Emo
#146 - Steve Schiltz (Longwave)
Washed Up Emo
#146 - Steve Schiltz (Longwave)
Feb 11, 2019 Episode 146
Tom Mullen
Steve Schiltz from Longwave
Show Notes

Today we welcome Steve Schiltz from Longwave. Steve is also an accomplished music producer and composer for film, TV and advertising. If you’re wondering why Steve is on. I have three reasons.

First, when I moved to NYC, the Brooklyn thing was about to blow up and I was working at a label nearby a lot of these venues in the city where bands like the Strokes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and others cut their teeth. Longwave were active around the same time as well and I loved them.

Second, I was and still am, obsessed with shoe gaze. The similarities to the long droning emo songs that I also can’t stop emulating is directly related to my love of shoe gaze. I’d happily quit my job and join a shoe gaze band tomorrow. Hit me up.

Third, I find out a half hour in that a past band Steve was in, Scout, toured with Sunny Day Real Estate! He waited 30 minutes to tell me that. Steve has a very funny story about Jeremy Enigk you’ll want to listen for.

To be honest, this one is sorta for me. Over the years, Steve and I have crossed paths through friends and music here in NYC. I knowwww… It’s not emo, it’s not hardcore but Steve’s music is fucking beautiful and Longwave’s shoe gaze is what I’d want to sound like if I ever picked up my guitar again.

Why should you listen? Steve weaves a rad story about early NYC, the boom of 2000s Brooklyn and the lasting effects of that era that still resonates today.

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