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#99 - Brett Detar (The Juliana Theory)
April 24, 2017 Tom Mullen
Today we welcome Brett Detar from The Juliana Theory. The band recently announced a reunion tour so it was time to get Brett to talk with us on the podcast. Little did I know but Brett and I were both at a Sunny Day Real Estate show NYC back in 2000 and he noticed my Washed Up Emo shirt at SDRE’s reunion in 2009 as well. After my mind was blown with those two facts, Brett and I talked about his past including obsession with Fugazi, his history with Zao and what happened at The Juliana Theory’s first practice. Along the way and more than most guests, Brett was brutally honest with what went wrong with their career. It was really refreshing to have someone just lay out all their cards like that. In the end, the band followed their own muse and caught a ton of heat for it and in my opinion, just a little bit ahead of their time.
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