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#94 - A Tribute to Jon Bunch
February 13, 2017 Tom Mullen
Episode 94, A Tribute to Jon Bunch. To give some context, last year at this time, episode 57 of the podcast with Jon Bunch was to my knowledge the last interview Jon did. It was incredibly sad but also a place for people to learn about Jon forever. I was so honored to have spoken to him and be able to share his story. Last March there was a benefit show in Santa Ana California for Jon’s son Jack. It had an amazing line up of bands and people traveled from all over the world for the show. I had the pleasure of being in southern California for the event and saw first hand the community that came out for Jon. Seizing the moment, a friend of Washed Up Emo, Ed Curley, took it upon himself to interview people in the crowd. From fans, bands and those involved in the event, Ed took time to ask about Jon, the event and what it meant. You’ll hear many common themes and many kind words said about Jon. All walks of life and those that knew him for 30 years or none at all. It was truly a celebration of music, friends and family.
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