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#75 - John Gaviglio (Bear Vs Shark)
October 03, 2016 Tom Mullen
Welcome to Episode 75 of the Washed Up Emo podcast, today we welcome John Gaviglio from Bear Vs Shark. Bear Vs Shark are a very personal band to me. I was lucky enough to work with them at Equal Vision Records for their final album “Terrorhawk” in 2005. They were ahead of their time and thankfully as I’ve said countless times, good music will win out. Recently, the dudes in Bear Vs Shark reunited for some shows and to their surprise the response was overwhelming positive. If you know nothing about this band, you might be interested in them after this chat. Note: I did this in a public space so you might hear voices or people working. It shouldn’t be too bad. Actually used some new gear so it should sound pretty good. If you want to support the podcast, please head on over to washedupemo.com and support via Patreon, our merchandise store at washedupemo.threadless.com or leave a nice review on iTunes. as always admin@washedupemo.com if you wanna talk about emo.
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