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#150 - Mike and Nate Kinsella (American Football)

April 01, 2019 Episode 150
Washed Up Emo
#150 - Mike and Nate Kinsella (American Football)
Washed Up Emo
#150 - Mike and Nate Kinsella (American Football)
Apr 01, 2019 Episode 150
Tom Mullen
Mike and Nate from American Football discuss "LP3" track by track.
Show Notes

Wow, we made it to 150 episodes. Crazy to think about all the folks that have come on  to share their story with you and I. To that, a big part of this is agreeing to be open and talk about their music. American Football gets the gold star. 

Before the reunions, in January 2014, Mike was on the podcast for the first time chatting about his career. 

For LP2, I had everyone in American Football individually to discuss reuniting and what it was like to write together again.

So for LP3 I wanted to do something different…

This time, I got Mike and Nate together in a room in NYC to discuss every single song in detail on LP3. We go from beginning to end on the writing process, the disagreements, sequencing, and why they made certain decisions for every song. 

Mike also recommends some bands I’ve never heard before and Nate reads an email he sent to the band passionately discussing why he feels his track listing order is the way it should go. 

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